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Posted: June 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have often thought that the scariest forms of evil are not in the shape of vampires, demons or zombies even though I enjoy reading and writing about those.

The scariest form seems to be in the mundane: the junkie who attacks the grandmother for her pension, the drunk driver who kills a child crossing a road and leaves them there or the thug drinking with who decides they don’t like the look of a stranger who passes them in the underpass.

Humans are capable of all sort of horrors in these mundane settings and this is before we go to the unfathomable mindset of people who commit large scale atrocities.

Thankfully my books are a little bit of escapism about monsters that do not exist in reality that hopefully gives readers a little bit of a fight and a thrill. We all like to read stories about monsters but perhaps more frightening is the thought that the real monsters in life have an average human face.