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Dear Readers

I have been on a sabbatical from writing for the last few months with other work taking over my time but I am aiming to get back into my writing  in the new year and going for it again in 2016.

Thanks for following me and I will update more in the new year.




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I have often thought that the scariest forms of evil are not in the shape of vampires, demons or zombies even though I enjoy reading and writing about those.

The scariest form seems to be in the mundane: the junkie who attacks the grandmother for her pension, the drunk driver who kills a child crossing a road and leaves them there or the thug drinking with who decides they don’t like the look of a stranger who passes them in the underpass.

Humans are capable of all sort of horrors in these mundane settings and this is before we go to the unfathomable mindset of people who commit large scale atrocities.

Thankfully my books are a little bit of escapism about monsters that do not exist in reality that hopefully gives readers a little bit of a fight and a thrill. We all like to read stories about monsters but perhaps more frightening is the thought that the real monsters in life have an average human face.

Dear Reader

Devil – the Unofficial Record of a Scottish Vampire Outbreak is the first book in the Deil trilogy.

What if Vampires truly existed?  What if they lurked in the shadows among ancient forests in mountains that once had villagers who would offer up sacrifices to them and worshiped them as terrifying Gods.  What if those villagers eventually rose up and attacked the Vampires, imprisoning them for eternity?  Finally, what if someone was stupid or arrogant enough to open their prison and release them into the modern world.

Police officers Tom and Claire are ordered to drive into the Scottish mountains to investigate the disappearance of utility workers and a university research team while a snow storm closes in.  Soon they are dealing with issues far beyond their training as they discover a military team sent to eliminate an ancient evil that no one believes should exist.   They have to overcome their natural scepticism and join forces to try and survive through the next few days.

Devil – the Unofficial Record of a Scottish Vampire Outbreak which is the first book in the Deil trilogy is now available for sale on Amazon UK at

And is available on at

If you read Devil then I would appreciate your feedback,


A G Mallaghan


Godking 2nd edition

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I am currently working on a 2nd edition of Godking my Scottish psychological/ demonic possession horror novel which will be re released soon in co-operation with my new agent and marketing company. I will put more information out nearer the time of the launch.

Listen up people.  The Police have lost control of the streets.  The infection is more widespread than you know.  Every city and every town has hordes of infected people running through the streets attacking anyone they meet.  The Police are pulling back to protect the rich areas and the establishment.

The 1% are pulling up their drawbridges and leaving us to face the danger on our own.  If you don’t believe me look out of your windows.  Unless you live near the financial or political centres then you won’t see many police or soldiers.  Gather together and get ready to defend yourselves as no help is coming.

In fact I hope to be able to post information later that will prove that the elite in our society are behind this outbreak and whether on purpose or through a cock up they are destroying our country tonight.

I know you will write me off as some conspiracy theory internet bampot but the next few days will prove me right.  I wish I was wrong but many of us won’t survive the night.

May your God be with you tonight.

The Prophet of Doom


Stay safe in your apartment block.  I don’t think the infected people can work out how to get past security systems so you should be okay.  Might be best trying to check out any other neighbours you know so that you can pool food and drink together.  I think the security forces are struggling to contain the situation but  you should be able to sit it out.

Take care.

Guys, saw this on the BBC web site, need to take care:

“This is an important notice from the State Police.  The Prime Minister has declared martial law due to the recent plague outbreak and rioting with the security forces enforcing a curfew until further notice.   Once the streets have been pacified the security forces will visit each and every home going door to door.   Citizens must remain indoors and secure their residences until security forces contact you.  If any member of your household is ill or has been attacked hang some coloured fabric from a window to let the patrols know that medical help is required.  Keep calm and keep safe the danger will soon be over.”

Alex, London