I am a Scottish horror author writing a variety of classic vampire stories, psychological horrors and a zombie apocalypse series.

The vampire story DEIL is part of a trilogy and is set in the Scottish Southern Uplands.  It tells the story of two police officers investigating a series of disappearances in and around a remote Scottish hamlet.   They end up caught up in something far beyond their expertise when they bump into a secretive army unit that is attempting to quarantine the area and keep the problem under control.

My second book GODKING is a psychological horror set on an island off the west coast of Scotland.  A wounded war veteran recovering from post traumatic stress disorder returns to his family home to deal with his mother’s estate on her death.  Soon he is caught up in local events and seems to be having hallucinations about an evil ancestor trying to possess him.  As the story progresses it becomes harder to believe these are mere hallucinations.

The zombie series, as yet unnamed, follows the journey of a high-ranking member of the security forces who finds himself out with the protected areas set up for the ruling elite as a zombie virus affects the general population.  He must seek the help of other survivors as he tries to discover the truth behind the virus and attempts to rescue his family who are trapped on the other side of an infected city.


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