Journal of Zombie Survivors Entry 6

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Listen up people.  The Police have lost control of the streets.  The infection is more widespread than you know.  Every city and every town has hordes of infected people running through the streets attacking anyone they meet.  The Police are pulling back to protect the rich areas and the establishment.

The 1% are pulling up their drawbridges and leaving us to face the danger on our own.  If you don’t believe me look out of your windows.  Unless you live near the financial or political centres then you won’t see many police or soldiers.  Gather together and get ready to defend yourselves as no help is coming.

In fact I hope to be able to post information later that will prove that the elite in our society are behind this outbreak and whether on purpose or through a cock up they are destroying our country tonight.

I know you will write me off as some conspiracy theory internet bampot but the next few days will prove me right.  I wish I was wrong but many of us won’t survive the night.

May your God be with you tonight.

The Prophet of Doom


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