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Guys, saw this on the BBC web site, need to take care:

“This is an important notice from the State Police.  The Prime Minister has declared martial law due to the recent plague outbreak and rioting with the security forces enforcing a curfew until further notice.   Once the streets have been pacified the security forces will visit each and every home going door to door.   Citizens must remain indoors and secure their residences until security forces contact you.  If any member of your household is ill or has been attacked hang some coloured fabric from a window to let the patrols know that medical help is required.  Keep calm and keep safe the danger will soon be over.”

Alex, London


Hi guys

Just got back from checking out Millennium Square again.  I could see through a gap in our metal fence at the garden right into the square.  The army are there now.  They were firing those huge machine guns they have on trucks right into the crowd.  I don’t know how they could aim properly but they didn’t seem to shoot any police.  What’s going on?  I can’t believe our soldiers are killing our own people in cold blood.   The crowd didn’t back off though.  I saw some of them swarm over the nearest trucks before other soldiers shot them down.  I had to leave in a hurry because some of the crazy people suddenly ran at our fence,  they tried to climb over but it was too high.  Must be about 12 feet or something.  They then just ran at the fence bouncing off it then running at it again.  An army jeep raced up and shot them, they shone a searchlight on me and told me to get the hell indoors.  Their language was stronger than that but I don’t like cursing.

I ran back in and came up the elevator to my flat.  My neighbour seems to be a bit better.  She is sleeping now but the fever seems to have gone.

Alex, I wish I had waited a little while and seen your message I might not have gone downstairs.  Anyway, I am okay but I wish someone from the Government or something would come on the television and tell us what is happening.  Don’t mind admitting I’m terrified.  There seems to be hardly any people in the whole apartment block.

Jane , London