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Jane, don’t go out there.  I was out in millennium square it’s carnage.  I think the rioters have the virus they are talking about.  They seem to be fighting among themselves as well as fighting the police.  Some of them were biting each other and some seemed to be trying to kick a police man to death until they were shot.  The army is out there now too and they are using real rifles not the plastic bullet things.  It is really dangerous.  I am home now and have no intention of going to work tomorrow if that is still going on.  Please don’t go out.  Let me know you are safe.

Alex, London


Is there anyone there on this forum?  Strange things have been happening in the main financial district.  One of my neighbours was attacked by a tramp who bit her as we walked home after work!  We fought him off and ran back here.  He seemed demented.  

She is lying in my lounge just now trying to rest.  She seems to be delirious with some sort of infection and she is burning up with a fever.  I tried phoning for an ambulance but all I am getting is a message saying over and over again that all the operators are busy due to heavy demand.  We live in a gated community of apartments overlooking the millennium square and there seems to be some sort of rioting going on down there.  I am on the 12th floor so I can’t hear exactly what’s going on but the police seem to be struggling to hold back the rioters.  I think I saw some army trucks arrive earlier but haven’t seen the soldiers yet.  I tried checking the news but all they are showing is footage about the virus spreading in areas near the main cities and policemen saying that people should stay at home if possible.  There is nothing about the rioting but I can see camera crews down in the square.  Maybe something will be on the 10 o’clock news. 

I need to go and check on my neighbour, hope her attacker didn’t have that virus everyone is talking about.  I will write more on the forum if anything happens down in the square.  If anyone knows what is happening there let me know.  I might risk going down to the gardens to get a closer look later.

Jane, London

A series of short extracts from journals of zombie survivors will appear here shortly.  By their very nature they will be short pieces from a first person viewpoint featuring characters and/or events from my upcoming zombie apocalypse series which has a working title of United Kingdom of the Dead at the moment although this may change.  Hope you enjoy and remember to keep telling yourself these are only stories, they aren’t true!